Licensed CC: Michael Klos

The first article named history of the web talks about Sir Tim Berners Lee who invented the World Wide Wed in 1989. Born in London and interested in computers Tim became a computer scientist same interests as his parents. After graduating from Oxford University he became an engineer at CERN a large particle physics laboratory in Genova Switzerland. Tim noticed that engineers were having difficulty sharing information. Later on in March 1989 Tim saw his vision for what then became the WEB. He gave a proposal which was not accepted at first. So the Web was never something official in CERN. Then his boss mike gave him the chance to work on this on September 1990 which he began working on a Next computer one of Steve Jobs early products. In the meantime by October 1990 Tim managed to write the three fundamental technologies that we see today: HTML, URI, HTTP. He then began to do things such as the Web page editor and browser. Having finally all this done he then by the end of 1990 swerved the first web page on the open internet and by 1991 people outside the company were invited to join this community. He then thought it had to be free so he and others advocated to ensure that Cern would agree to make a code to have a free web by april 1993. This was a great hit for technology and companies started committing to the Royalty Free Policy for their work. Later on we kept growing and in 2014 we celebrated the Webs 25 birthday. It started developing new ideas which included Decentralization, Non discrimination, Bottom, Universality, consensus. Finally in 2009 Tim established the World Wide Web Foundation.

I think the creating of the web is an interesting one. How Tim’s first proposal was not accepted but he kept fighting until he had this final product. This little idea has been something really big that even now we depend on the Web and is a big part of our lives. We have seen a lot of evolution throughout the years and we are definitely going to keep seeing more and more every year. We have to give value to this because this was someone’s dream one day and he gave us this tools for our personal use which we use every single day.