Licensed by CC: Cameron Maddux

Licensed by CC: Cameron Maddux

*Article found on my content on Feedly, on SocialMediaWeek

This article reflects, a better view on how people want to actually, be engaged with the brands.

The important factor here is, that brands tells their stories through different channels o social media platforms.

Is not, that I am against some companies that bombard us, with ads, that makes us uncomfortable.

The point here, is that, their are actually, companies, and brands that promote o tell their stories (which I love), and makes us, want to connect with them.

Their is a whole difference, to wanting and feeling, obligated to connect with brands.

But, the ones we chose to connect with, are the brands that are opening those communication, channels, giving us the possibility, to say something, and EXPRESS OURSELVES.

This is for me a very interesting topic.

There are people, working out there, to helps us connect with better social media media platforms, giving us the enthusiasm, to actually come out of our shells and say something which can be (groundbreaking), and they work day by day trying to connect the world.

This article speaks, highly of these hard workers that make the world go round.

And again, I even feel uncomfortable when I am being, attacked with advertisements that obstruct are free, clean surfing on the net.

And a good question would be, how is it that some brands don’t bounce against my peace and while others feel the, need to do it?

Why are there brands that just do it correctly?

Humanize the Brand

All of this may sound weird, but content building can be, as simple as what to write on your blog.

Thank you for reading.

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