Licensed by CC: Lubomir Panak

Licensed by CC: Lubomir Panak

I was told for my class INF115, to search the world of Podcasts.

So I did. And before, this assignment, I did discover the world of Podcasts, by myself, because I my brother told me about how cool they were.

My first encounter, with Podcasts was through my Iphone.

Iphone’s, have an application that you can use. It’s a “purple icon”.

So, I thought of what to look for on the Podcast Application and because I was reading about the books, Seth Godin wrote, I decided to search for his name, to see if he had, a podcast.

The answer was, that he did have a podcast. This podcast was about a conference he held, over a couple of days. The podcast was divided into twelve chapters.

That was the first experience I had on Podcasts.

Search for my blog post Serial Season 2, so you can hear how was my second experience, due to a podcast I had to listen for the class. This search took me to Serial. I didn’t know this, but podcasts come in packages like t.v. series, only, they are audible.

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