Licensed by CC: Indi Samarajiva

Licensed by CC: Indi Samarajiva

I’ve been introduced to these new social media search tools by my professors at Sagrado.

First there is twitter search home. Where you can look for advanced twitter search, as for search operators:

This is an explanation on how you should do your searches. Above, if you read, you’ll see the different types of commands you need to input, so you receive the right search. Follow instructions thoroughly, and you’ll be able to do the right search.

Another one is klear. In klear you can make your account for free. And the impressive thing here is that it’s a free social media analytic tools. You can search twitter for influencers by skill, you can search Instagram for influencers by skill, you can search social media influencers by location, you can achieve an analysis for a twitter profile, you can search an analysis for an Instagram user and you can make an analysis for a Facebook Fan Page.

And the last option, I want to share is tweetdeck. In Tweet Deck “you can organize and build you own timelines, keep track of your lists, searches, and activities.”

You can also, “monitor multiple timelines in one place, filter searches based on criteria engagement, users, and content type, and mange a twitter account with multiple people.” You can use it, by having your twitter account.

That’s my review!

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