A love story (told by art)

Gallery Link: https://artsandculture.google.com/favorite/viewall?ft=ft_a A woman that is tired of her boring life, decides to go out for a ladies’ night with her girl friends. Turns out, her friends leave her alone in the party, and as she wanders around, she meets a very handsome gentleman. After drinks and flirting, things begin to get deeper, andContinue reading “A love story (told by art)”

Recomendaciones: Halloween Edition

No hay nada mejor que sacar un poco de tiempo personal para despejarnos, ya sea leyendo un libro, viendo una pelicula, o un video. Este Halloween, Katyushka, Jonathan y Jimena te presentan las mejores recomendaciones! Libro: Stephen King’s The Shining (1977) The Shining, escrita por Stephen King. A diferencia de la película del mismo título,Continue reading “Recomendaciones: Halloween Edition”

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Wednesday’s mood

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