What It Means To Be A Student

The video you see below is a compilation of all the highlights from our interviews put together by me and my classmate Frederick. The most important part was making sure most of the people payed attention throughout the interviews because as you can see in the video it can get quite hilarious, other than that […]

Taking 3D Printing Further

Apparently 4D printing is a thing, in fact so much that it’s already getting some development time. In short it’s about using 3D printers to create self-reconfiguring programmable material that can be shaped into any type of object like say a coffee table or a new chair. Below is a video giving much more detail on […]

New Home Security

Most home security installed nowadays is miles ahead to what used to be a simple alarm, now we have high quality cameras of your front door that can be viewed even from your phone. An example of this is Vivints brand new home authentication system which uses a small doorbell with a built in camera […]

New Simple Means of Authorization

A new product developed by Authy provides two-factor authentication by entering a code in their website that proves you own the phone. What it means that for many instances when it comes to big purchases, instead of receiving a code to by message and entering it online for a transaction you instead receive a notification […]