Súper fácil…

{Licencia CC, Foto por: Nikita Kushner, Widgets} En la clase pasada el Prof. Vantaggia nos dio una de las mejores herramientas para tener nuestras páginas favoritas en un solo lugar. Este app se llama Feedly es muy fácil poder accesar a el y obtener tu página. Comenzamos por entrar a la misma e ingresar tu […]


Saludos compañeros de INF115. Lamento de no escribir este resumen pronto. Estos son para aquellos que no pudieron asistir en Lunes, 20 de abril de 2015. Si usted asitio a la clase en ese dia, favor de dejar leer este post porque ya saben de lo que voy hablar. Se fueron? Pues entonce, Debemos continuar. […]

iOS 8.4 Beta 3

This most recent installment continues to offer a revamped Music app, bringing both function and UI changes to the music playback app, a move many suspect also prefaces the possible arrival of a new iTunes streaming music service at the Worldwide Developers Conference early next month. The betas appear to be helping refine and zap […]

Russian Armored Vehicle

The Kurganets-25 is an infantry fighting vehicle, which is a category of machine halfway between an armored truck and a full-size battle tank. Initial reports have it carrying eight troops in the back, while a three-person crew of driver, gunner, and commander operate the vehicle. On top of the vehicle is a turret, which looks like it […]

A little liquid water still on Mars?

Tasting the air and testing the temperature, NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has shown that there could potentially be salty water currently beneath the Red Planet’s surface. Mars rover Curiosity spots strange, 2-tone veins on planet’s surface Mars rover Curiosity spots strange, 2-tone veins on planet’s surface The findings are also a reminder that not all water […]

Tiko 3D Printer If you want in on this, you’d better do it fast at press time there was just 16 days left in the pledging period. Delivery for the early birds are expected to begin shipping later this year, while subsequent pledgers will have to wait for February of 2016.


Saludos compañeros! Como parte de un resúmen sobre la clase de hoy (Informática, nuevos medios digitales), el Profesor Vantaggiato discutió los próximos trabajos pendientes, entre ellos los proyectos grandes que nos quedan para completar el curso en mayo (nos quedan de 10-11 clases apróximadamente). 1. Flick-a-day Es un proyecto de fotografía digital. Conciste en tomar […]

3D Printed Violin

One of its designers tells BBC that the difference between how it and a traditional violin sounds is akin to that of a classical guitar versus an electric Gibson Les Paul.You can do just that at the Inside 3D Printing conference inside Manhattan’s Javits Center on April 16th and 17th. Read more at engadget.