Regala agua a cambio de dejar tu teléfono móvil a un lado

  A medida que la tecnología va evolucionando nosotros nos vamos convertiendo más dependiente a ella, sobretodo con el teléfono móvil o celular. Vivimos esperando alguna notificación, algún mensaje de texto o simplemente mirando la hora del celular sin ningún motivo. Es por esto que atado a esta situación UNICEF ha lanzando un programa de regalar agua a […]

New Gifs

Okay, I’m addicted to endless gif now. I kind of like making these, you guys will probably be seeing gifs like these every now and then haha Man of Steel’ Directed by Zack Snyder Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures, ℗ 2013 ‘Inception’ Directed and written by Christopher Nolan Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures, ℗ 2010


Clay animación o Plastimación es un tipo de animación de parada de imagen en donde se emplea la plastilina, arcilla o cualquier otro material completamente maleable. Con esta técnica, un objeto o carácter se moldea con arcilla o cualquier otro material similar alrededor de un esqueleto de alambre llamado una armadura. Esta es una tarea […]

Little By Little

Here is the Gif I created. I used the sequence shot by Eadward Muybridge in the 19th Century, that set up 12 cameras. His findings where one of the first steps to create the firsts ideas of film.     Here is the trailer for the movie Hugo, in this movie you will see some […]

Inception gif

It wasn’t easy to achieve this one. This was my first time doing a gif but I think I managed to survive on this one haha I selected the scene on Windows Movie Maker then I downloaded a program on Video-Gif-Converter. After selecting and cropping the scene, I converted the scene into a gif. Later I […]

Breve historia de la animación

Este video resume la historia de la animación. Me parece interesante cómo el estilo de la animación ha cambiado a lo largo de los años. Esta forma de arte ha recorrido un largo camino desde sus días más primitivo gracias algunos adelantos tecnológicos, como la cámara y el ordenador.

awesome dad

  What an awesome dad. I was looking at different projects made with raspberrypi computers and stumbled upon this great creation. If you want to learn more on this computer visit .

Band Of The Week: Reel Big Fish

Slight Band History:

Reel Big Fish originally was a trio band formed by vocalist/guitarist Aaron Barret, bassist Matt Wong and drummer Andrew Gonzales. The group was a conventional rock band with pop-metal leanings that covered both classic and top 40 songs. After some month the band discovered Ska and decided to add horn players.  The only one remaining from the original members is vocalist/guitarist Aaron Barret. They in one point got mainstream attention by their single “Sell Out” that became an MTV favorite and was played in modern rock radio stations. They then lost mainstream success and didn’t sign in a label company and went independent. They now have an underground cult following. 


Genre: Ska Punk, Third Wave Ska, Alternative Rock
Activity: 1991-Present
Name Origin: There is three versions on whats the origin of the name is, one could be true or all of them or neither of them, with that said here are the three name origins:
1. It was made by the bass player, Matt Wong. They all liked sushi and joked around with the band being named “Big Fish” then they added “Real” then changed it to “Reel”
2.They got it from a fishing shop in the L.B.C called Reel Big Fish, symbolizing that catching fish isn’t as hard as becoming famous.

3. It’s a reference on how you’re just a little fish in the sea and is hard to stay alive and not get eaten like being famous, but whenever you get the chance you should reel in a big fish.
Studio albums:
  • Everything Sucks (1995)
  • Turn the Radio Off (1996)
  • Why Do They Rock So Hard? (1998)
  • Cheer Up! (2002)
  • We’re Not Happy ‘Til You’re Not Happy (2005)
  • Monkeys for Nothin’ and the Chimps for Free (2007)
  • Fame, Fortune and Fornication (2009)
  • Candy Coated Fury (2012)

From: Huntington Beach, California, United States

Fun Facts About The Band:

1. The band appeared in the movie BASEketball  performing.(video)
2.After the release of “Cheer up!” Aaron felt that it didn’t had enough Ska, starting another band called “The    Forces Of Evil” with it’s album “Friend Or F.O.E”.
3. Matt Appleton, RBF saxophone player was from “Goldfinger”.
4. Aaron’s first album was the “Ghostbuster” Soundtrack. 
Top Songs)

Personal Opinion: 
The first song I heard from this band was their cover of “Take On Me” from A-Ha, which I liked a lot but never really looked them up or checked their songs out, but then I found a video on called “I Know You Too Well” by Spazkid  and I recognized the band quickly but like I said, I haven’t heard any of their songs. I quickly came to enjoy this video and liked the song so much that I just had to look for more. Too make the story short. They are now one of my favorite bands. Ever. In which I can’t even tell you guys which songs I like because there so many that it will be quicker to tell you which songs I dislike. I could say my favorite one is “I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore” because it was the one that basically introduce me to the band. So if you want to get all energetic and jump around while shouting very mean things hear this band, it will not disappoint, from their loud songs, fun songs, covers and even slow chill back songs you are sure to find a song that suits you.  

If you find this band interesting and want to see more check them


If you think i’ve missed something,disagree,agree or wanna add anything, comment!


Moments to Create

Here is some of the song I listen to create a story or to base a character on the song it all depends. The beautiful thing about music is that it helps you imagine a scenario or a person just by the way it has been put together, its a master piece how some artist […]