Ambient noise can be nice and useful. Here I have two noise generators which may be great apps. The first has a wonderful name, Coffitivity, and generates the sounds from a coffee shop.  And you can download an app for iOS or Android. It’s great: One can choose Morning Murmur or Brazil Bistro. Enjoy working while you feel surrounded by this chatting delicious barista sounds!

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 8.05.18 PMThe second, Noisly is a more general noise generator, one which will “Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment”. Rain, for instance, or thunder. You can work distraction-free, also thanks to a second app that comes within the same page: an editor with markdown and word count which saves text locally or allows to download it.

This and more I discovered on ProfHacker: Tools I Use – Online Noise Generators.


Antonio Vantaggiato

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