[Photo by Dominic Lipinski/Pa, Creative Commons License 3.0]

This social hash-tag has been trending lately on the social media as to what and who you were before Twitter existed. People tweeted how they felt when Twitter appeared in their lives and these are the 5 things that they mostly tweeted.

  • Could leave a conversation when I wanted

Now in Twitter once you were mentioned in a tweet all replies that others would do you’d constantly receive notifications to something that you’re no longer involved with.

  • Had to actually call a company to complain

Before you were literally forced to call a international number, forced to hear some crappy waiting music just to be cut off 20 minutes later. Now if you don’t feel satisfied with the company you could simply mention them in a tweet with your complain.

  • Was relatively articulate

With this 140 characters some people might have a slightly weird typing when it comes to express what you insist in that limit. Using slightly absurd abbreviations, the elmntn of vwls (elimination of vowels) and the separation of arguments in two or more tweets.

  • Wasn’t personally insulted and abused for doing my job

Back then not many people would care what you wrote or didn’t wrote on any social media. Now days 85% of people just care and complain on what others write.

  • Could catch up on Tv

Now in days once a popular show is in the air you won’t need to watch it in order to know what has gone through the show. This is thanks to the huge leaks on your feeds from others that are definitely watching that show.