Licensed by CC: ViteVu

Licensed by CC: ViteVu

This article comes very close, to what we have been looking at, the whole semester. This reputation about technology.

Apparently, it’s being criticized by many, but it actually is being criticized like, any other thing that needs to be looked at, in all the ways possible.

I have to add. Every experience is certainly different. Some think highly of technology, while others are against it.

This article reflects, the point and personal view of the author of the article. The scary thing here, would be to acknowledge the problem she faces. Her name is Brooke Sellas.

By scattering those ideas from on top, of all the technology, you call actually find ways to handle, technology, where you don’t have to fear technology.

I think, that we, the generous amount, learned how to do this.

Thanks for reading!

I wanted to add, that I used on this article and added it to the twitter feed of our class account.


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