Licensed by CC: DenisDenis

Licensed by CC: DenisDenis

I was reading this article, from {grow} where it got me thinking how important rules are.

This article clearly states that there has been an important law enforcement from the Federal Trade Commission. This is important for us, because as buyers, we need to understand if brands advertising is not disclosing it.

The Federal Trade Commission, wants to tells buyers the truth about how brands may be misleading you as a buyer.

The articles states that brands can make us believe something that it not true.

This article, reminds me on how, we learned in class, that it’s very important to play by the rules.

We have to remember, that when we publish, we need to give credit to the owner for their rights.

Remind yourself, that you could commit a felony, if your surpass the rules.

@avunque, explained clearly, we can access the world of Creative Commons, where the author or creator of the material, gives us, some of the rights, to use their material.

We need to be decent in this world, for people to respect us.

We need to learn to play by the rules.

We wouldn’t want others, stealing our material, and saying it’s theirs.

This is illegal, and hurtful.

Everyone deserves to be creative, and not be stolen.

I hope you see the article, as I saw it.

Thanks for reading!

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