Kenneth Cole REACTION Women's Low Barderful Ranking TOP3 Skimmer Heel $39 Kenneth Cole REACTION Women's Barderful Low Heel Skimmer Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women,/Arachne1131033.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Barderful,Low,Skimmer,Heel,$39,REACTION,Kenneth,Women's,Cole $39 Kenneth Cole REACTION Women's Barderful Low Heel Skimmer Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women,/Arachne1131033.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Barderful,Low,Skimmer,Heel,$39,REACTION,Kenneth,Women's,Cole Kenneth Cole REACTION Women's Low Barderful Ranking TOP3 Skimmer Heel

Kenneth Fort Worth Mall Cole REACTION Women's Low Barderful Ranking TOP3 Skimmer Heel

Kenneth Cole REACTION Women's Barderful Low Heel Skimmer


Kenneth Cole REACTION Women's Barderful Low Heel Skimmer

Product description

Don't imagine your life without the Barderful low heel skimmer from Kenneth Cole Reaction. This highly comfortable and stylish shoe has a smooth leather upper, cut-out details, a cute round toe, soft leather lining, cushioned insole, and an island flexible rubber outsole for traction. The Barderful is versatile enough to pair with almost anything in your closet, business and casual.

For every action, there is Kenneth Cole Reaction. This youthful, fun-loving line from American designer Kenneth Cole features fashion inspired by technology, music, and pop culture. Offering the latest in trendy and versatile yet affordable shoes, we are sure you will have a positive Reaction to this exceptional collection.

From the manufacturer

Kenneth Cole REACTION Women's Barderful Low Heel Skimmer

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