$43 Indian Handicrafts Kitchen Cabinet with 2 Drawers, Black Home Kitchen Furniture Recommendation Indian Handicrafts Kitchen Cabinet 2 with Drawers Black Recommendation Indian Handicrafts Kitchen Cabinet 2 with Drawers Black Handicrafts,/Arachne676633.html,$43,Cabinet,Home Kitchen , Furniture,with,2,Indian,Kitchen,inf115.com,Black,Drawers, Handicrafts,/Arachne676633.html,$43,Cabinet,Home Kitchen , Furniture,with,2,Indian,Kitchen,inf115.com,Black,Drawers, $43 Indian Handicrafts Kitchen Cabinet with 2 Drawers, Black Home Kitchen Furniture

Recommendation Indian Handicrafts Shipping included Kitchen Cabinet 2 with Drawers Black

Indian Handicrafts Kitchen Cabinet with 2 Drawers, Black


Indian Handicrafts Kitchen Cabinet with 2 Drawers, Black

Product description

Wood cabinet with two fabric drawers. Black coloring. Size:16 X 12.5 X 24". Great for the kitchen to store linens, the office to store supplies, kids bedroom to store toys and stuff, the family room for storage. Assembly required.

Indian Handicrafts Kitchen Cabinet with 2 Drawers, Black

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