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Large Wood Wall Clock Elk with Max 55% OFF New mail order Sce Hunting Monster Big Rack Game

Large Wood Wall Clock Elk with Monster Rack Hunting Big Game Sce


Large Wood Wall Clock Elk with Monster Rack Hunting Big Game Sce

Product description

Show off your style with this attactive well built wall clock. Not a cheap plastic clock but yet a 3/4 inch thick Solid Wood clock. Large numbers make it easy to read but also preserve the beautiful wall art at the same time. The curved edge print as pictured adds even more uniqueness to this time piece. Quality Quartz Sweep movement with quiet tick making it almost sielent. Our wall clocks keep accurate time and Battery operated by just 1 AA battery(Not Included). Custom printed wall clocks make a good addition to your home décor as they are doubled as wall art. They make good anniversary gifts, housewarming gifts, birthday gifts, mothers day, fathers day gifts etc. Our indoor clocks are perfect for Living Room decor, Kitchen decor, family room décor bedroom or bathroom décor. Blends in well with many different furnitures, wall colors and home styles. Simple Design, fully assembled and ready to hang. A Heavy Duty D-ring cable hanger is included on the back to easily hang your clock on the wall. No glass frames means no glare or cleaning to be done. Diameter: 16 inches, Thickness: 1.5 inches. These Authentic Solid Wood Clocks have some visible wood grain and sometimes a wood knot here and there adding to the originality of each piece. Printed and Assembled in Michigan, USA.

Large Wood Wall Clock Elk with Monster Rack Hunting Big Game Sce

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