Bend,Loose,,-,1.5D,-,90°,16GA,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Mandrel,$38,Elbow,3.5",Stainless,Radius,/Mer966095.html $38 3.5" Stainless 90° Mandrel Bend Elbow - 1.5D Loose Radius - 16GA Automotive Replacement Parts $38 3.5" Stainless 90° Mandrel Bend Elbow - 1.5D Loose Radius - 16GA Automotive Replacement Parts 3.5" Stainless San Diego Mall 90° Mandrel Bend Elbow Radius - Loose 16GA 1.5D 3.5" Stainless San Diego Mall 90° Mandrel Bend Elbow Radius - Loose 16GA 1.5D Bend,Loose,,-,1.5D,-,90°,16GA,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Mandrel,$38,Elbow,3.5",Stainless,Radius,/Mer966095.html


3.5" Stainless 90° Mandrel Bend Elbow - 1.5D Loose Radius - 16GA


3.5" Stainless 90° Mandrel Bend Elbow - 1.5D Loose Radius - 16GA

Product description


Stainless Bros SS304 90° elbow has a 16GA/.065" wall thickness to work perfectly with our straight tubing. Extruded from our 16GA/.065" 304 Stainless Steel, you wont find a higher quality bend on the market. Each elbow is individually extruded, the ends are laser cut and then they are ultrasonically cleaned to provide a ready to weld solution right out of the package. Stainless Bros eliminates the difficulty and potential material waste from bending your own tubing by utilizing our own proprietary cnc extrusion process to provide a perfect bend every time that is wrinkle free. Our Stainless Steel elbows will drastically reduce the fabrication time needed for producing a full Stainless exhaust system when pie cuts become too time consuming.

3.5" Stainless 90° Mandrel Bend Elbow - 1.5D Loose Radius - 16GA

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