$133 Barn Farmhouse White Arch Mirror,Wood Framed Window Mirror for W Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Barn Farmhouse White Arch Mirror for W Window Max 73% OFF Wood Framed $133 Barn Farmhouse White Arch Mirror,Wood Framed Window Mirror for W Home Kitchen Home Décor Products /acapsular1130719.html,Mirror,Barn,White,Mirror,Wood,Window,for,inf115.com,W,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Framed,Arch,Farmhouse,$133 Barn Farmhouse White Arch Mirror for W Window Max 73% OFF Wood Framed /acapsular1130719.html,Mirror,Barn,White,Mirror,Wood,Window,for,inf115.com,W,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Framed,Arch,Farmhouse,$133

Barn All items in the store Farmhouse White Arch Mirror for W Window Max 73% OFF Wood Framed

Barn Farmhouse White Arch Mirror,Wood Framed Window Mirror for W


Barn Farmhouse White Arch Mirror,Wood Framed Window Mirror for W

Product description

Whitewash Arched Window Pane Wood Framed Wall Mirror

Product details:
Overall Size: 31.875"W x 1"D x 31.875"H
Reflection Area: 27"W x 27"H
Material :Fir wood, MDF, Glass
Easy to Hang: with pre-installed D-ring hangers.
Finish: Distressed white+ slight antique gold finish.
Safety Package: a layered box and bubble bag protect.

This rustic mirror is cathedral inspired with an arched design. Add this vintage mirror to your home to make a classic elegance to any room!

One Step to Get This Farmhouse-style Mirror Decor: go back to the top and click the "Add to Cart" .

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Barn Farmhouse White Arch Mirror,Wood Framed Window Mirror for W

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