VITCIK Fairing Kits Fit for CBR600RR 2004 Outstanding CBR600 RR 2003 F5 VITCIK Fairing Kits Fit for CBR600RR 2004 Outstanding CBR600 RR 2003 F5 $382,2003,VITCIK,CBR600RR,Fit,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,,CBR600,F5,Kits,/acapsular485919.html,for,2004,RR,(Fairing,F5 $382 VITCIK (Fairing Kits Fit for CBR600RR F5 2003 2004 CBR600 RR F5 Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $382 VITCIK (Fairing Kits Fit for CBR600RR F5 2003 2004 CBR600 RR F5 Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $382,2003,VITCIK,CBR600RR,Fit,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,,CBR600,F5,Kits,/acapsular485919.html,for,2004,RR,(Fairing,F5

VITCIK Fairing Kits Fit for CBR600RR 2004 Outstanding CBR600 RR Large special price !! 2003 F5

VITCIK (Fairing Kits Fit for CBR600RR F5 2003 2004 CBR600 RR F5


VITCIK (Fairing Kits Fit for CBR600RR F5 2003 2004 CBR600 RR F5

Product description

Fit for:
CBR600RR F5 2003 2004 CBR600 RR F5 03 04

Fairing Introduction:
Injection fairing includes all the fairing pieces as the main images show. Small trim pieces are usually unpainted black, and will be sent together with fairings.
Windscreen is double bubble, and usually black; for certain color scheme, the color will match with front nose fairing.
Heat shield protects the bottom plastic fairings from the engine heat.

Condition: 100% Brand New aftermarket non-OEM parts and the holes are pre-drilled.
Materials: High Quality ABS Plastic.
Molding: Injection.
Pieces: 20 Pieces.
Quality paint job: 3 layers of clear coats over fairings.
Installation: Injection molded with great fitment, and will fit perfectly on motorcycle. Highly recommend installed by professional.

[1]Fairing Kits(20 Pieces)+[2]Windscreen+[3]Heat Shields+[4]LIFETIME friendly customer service
Each piece is packed individually with foam, and each set of fairing is packed in 7-Layers extra strong carton.
Package Size: 35in*21in*19in / 89cm*53cm*49cm
Package Weight: 24.3lb / 11kg


Production time: 7-10 working days (Except holidays).

Customer Service:
If item got damaged during shipping (seldom happen), we'll provide replacement for free upon photo confirmation.

#24/7 Email Customer Support
#All the emails will be replied to within 12 hours(workdays)

VITCIK (Fairing Kits Fit for CBR600RR F5 2003 2004 CBR600 RR F5

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