Sterilite White Laundry Hamper with We OFFer at cheap prices H Wheels and Pull Lift-Top $118,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Lift-Top,,,Wheels,,H,Laundry,and,Pull,Sterilite,/acetoxyphthalide1130896.html,with,Hamper,White $118 Sterilite White Laundry Hamper with Lift-Top, Wheels, and Pull H Home Kitchen Storage Organization $118,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Lift-Top,,,Wheels,,H,Laundry,and,Pull,Sterilite,/acetoxyphthalide1130896.html,with,Hamper,White $118 Sterilite White Laundry Hamper with Lift-Top, Wheels, and Pull H Home Kitchen Storage Organization Sterilite White Laundry Hamper with We OFFer at cheap prices H Wheels and Pull Lift-Top

Sterilite White Laundry Hamper with We OFFer at cheap prices H Wheels and Pull Latest item Lift-Top

Sterilite White Laundry Hamper with Lift-Top, Wheels, and Pull H


Sterilite White Laundry Hamper with Lift-Top, Wheels, and Pull H

Product description

Is your home filled with endless love and laundry? Keep on spreading the love, but keep your dirty and clean clothes contained in this Sterilite White Laundry Hamper. This hamper comes fully-equipped with smooth, gliding titanium roller wheels, a retractable handle, handles on each side, and a flip-top lid to keep your clothes contained. You can whip this hamper around the house in a jiffy or take it with you easily on-the-go. Roll your hamper anywhere and everywhere, because this Sterilite makes transporting your laundry a breeze. It has a hole pattern for ventilation and is great for apartments, dorms, or if you don't have a washer and dryer and have to make frequent trips to the laundry establishment. Its contemporary, strong plastic design complements any room and will withstand countless trips to the washer and dryer. Your pile of clothes laying in the corner may not be a mound of love, but will surely love being taken to the laundry room in this Sterilite White Laundry Hamper.

Sterilite White Laundry Hamper with Lift-Top, Wheels, and Pull H

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