$23 FEIYOUNG Women's Sexy Dashiki Floral Printed Side Slit Long Maxi Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Side,FEIYOUNG,Sexy,Printed,Floral,/anaberoga676222.html,Dashiki,Long,Maxi,inf115.com,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$23,Women's,Slit Side,FEIYOUNG,Sexy,Printed,Floral,/anaberoga676222.html,Dashiki,Long,Maxi,inf115.com,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$23,Women's,Slit $23 FEIYOUNG Women's Sexy Dashiki Floral Printed Side Slit Long Maxi Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women FEIYOUNG Women's Sexy Dashiki Floral Side Brand new Slit Printed Maxi Long FEIYOUNG Women's Sexy Dashiki Floral Side Brand new Slit Printed Maxi Long

FEIYOUNG Women's Sexy Dashiki Floral Side Fees free!! Brand new Slit Printed Maxi Long

FEIYOUNG Women's Sexy Dashiki Floral Printed Side Slit Long Maxi


FEIYOUNG Women's Sexy Dashiki Floral Printed Side Slit Long Maxi

Product Description

  1. High Quality Soft Material, Comfortable to Wear
  2. There maybe 1-2 cm deviation in different sizes, locations and stretch of fabrics. Size chart is for reference only;
  3. there may be a little difference with what you get.Color may be lighter or darker due to the different PC display.

Size Chart (Wasit Side Zipper Up, Waist With Elastic Wasit)

Small Skirt Length: 43.0"------------Bandage Length:71.0"---------------------Waist: 27.5"--35.5"

Medium Skirt Length: 43.5"------------Bandage Length:71.5"---------------------Waist: 29.0"--37.0"

Large Skirt Length: 44.0"------------Bandage Length:72.0"---------------------Waist: 30.5"--38.5"

X-Large Skirt Length: 44.5"------------Bandage Length:72.5"---------------------Waist: 32.0"--40.0"

Customer Experience


Dashiki Floral Maxi Dresses


  • 1. Please check the size chart before place order, There is may 2-3% tolerance difference due to manual measurement.
  • 2. The items color may be slightly different from the pictures shown due to lighting effect or different monitor display, thanks for your kindly understanding.

  • Style : Bohemian Occasion : Summer, Beach Pattern : Print Decoration : Slit Package Contents : 1 X Piece Brand : FEIYOUNG

Details On Dashiki Maxi Dresses Show


  • MATERIAL:This Floral Print MultiColor Women Dress was made by Nice material,It's very comfortable and a good heavy stretchy quality,The material is surprisingly thick.Perfect for the beginning spring where the temps are a little warm and a little chilly.
  • Body-flattering with sexy design. Super comfortable to wear, unique style, make you more beautiful, fashion, sexy and elegant.

FEIYOUNG Women's Sexy Dashiki Floral Printed Side Slit Long Maxi

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