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Max 70% OFF Fishers Finery Very popular! Women's Ecofabric Classic Yoga Pant; Bootleg Back

Fishers Finery Women's Ecofabric Classic Bootleg Yoga Pant; Back


Fishers Finery Women's Ecofabric Classic Bootleg Yoga Pant; Back

Product Description

Our amazing Athleisure Collection is ready for your active lifestyle!

Our athletic EcoFabric maintsins its amazing feel with the added weight for your athletic needs.

Perfect for your next workout or as a casual day wear, we are confident you will fall in love with our Yoga Collection.

We offer a wide range of yoga pants, capris and shorts to fit all of your needs.

fishers finery womens athleisure yoga


fishers finery yoga

It doesn't take much time browsing our website to realize how obsessed we are with our EcoFabric. Our exclusive blend of 60% Bamboo Viscose, 25% Organic Cotton and 15% Spandex is a winner for its hand feel and sustainable qualities. It is certified with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification and tested by SGS. We added more weight to our athletic EcoFabric to give you the support and durabilty needed in light to medium activity.

Our EcoFabric is comprised of mostly Bamboo Viscose and Organic Cotton. But what makes these two fibers so special?


Bamboo Viscose is a cellulose fiber that is extracted from natural bamboo and reshaped into viscose through a process of treatments.

The cellulose material is dissolved in a strong solvent to make it thick. It creates a solution that is pushed through a spinneret where the strands solidify into fiber. We learned the bamboo plant is the fastest growing woody plant in the world! The growth rate and diverse location it can be grown makes this plant a sustainable resource. We also know that bamboo needs very little water consumption and does not need pesticides or fertilizers in growth. It is a great organic base for textile fibers.


Everyone knows cotton and most everyone knows that it is a plant. It is not man made. It is a natural fiber. What many people don't realize is the amount of chemicals and pesticides used to produce cotton. These synthetic fertilizers create devastation to soil, water and the air. With this knowledge, we agreed that the alternative better suited our beliefs: organically grown cotton. Cotton that is grown without harmful chemicals. Organic farming is time consuming and costs more, but its worth it.

At Fishers Finery, we always want to choose the right thing. It may be the path less traveled, but it makes sense to us.

There are always ways to be better, and we strive to continue to grow and choose fabrics and processes that are better for the environment.

Fishers Finery Women's EcoFabric Boot Leg Yoga Pant Fishers Finery Women's EcoFabric Boot Leg Yoga Pant w/ Back Pockets Fishers Finery Women's EcoFabric Boot Leg Yoga Pant w/ Fold Over Waistband Fishers Finery Women's EcoFabric Straight Leg Yoga Pant Fishers Finery Women's EcoFabric Straight Leg Yoga Pant w/ Back Pockets Fishers Finery Women's EcoFabric Ankle Length Yoga Legging
60% Bamboo Viscose / 25% Organic Cotton / 15% Spandex
Machine Washable
Moisture Wicking
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Petite Length Available
Tall Length Available

Fishers Finery Women's Ecofabric Classic Bootleg Yoga Pant; Back

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