Final thoughts and a little bit of reflection!

During this semester I had the opportunity to learn about website building/designing. Thanks to this class, I achieved my goal of creating my own blog and the freedom of expressing myself. I took this chance to give my blog a photography theme or anything related to arts. Land scape photography is my favorite type ofContinue reading “Final thoughts and a little bit of reflection!”

Grupo B: Curaduría de GIFS y Memes

During online class my classmates: Sergio Irizarry, Jean Correa, Emilio Cruz, Valeria Talavera & I, Tania Guadalupe, had the chance to collect all of our favorite gifs and memes posted by the rest of our classmates on their blog pages. All of theses memes and gifs are quarantine or COVID-19 related since it’s the massiveContinue reading “Grupo B: Curaduría de GIFS y Memes”

Curaduría de Instagram

David Rule: Young photographer currently residing in Wyoming. He dedicates himself to traveling and landscaping photography.  Rule has an amazing talent for capturing breath taking views on camera. 2. Jord Hammond: Traveler photographer from the United Kingdom. Hammond has a passion for telling stories with photographs. 3. Hannied Rosael: Talented Puerto Rican photographer and artistContinue reading “Curaduría de Instagram”