-,/beleaguerer1031658.html,Hea,artichoke,sanhaerang,$32,Grocery Gourmet Food , Beverages,Roasted,Jerusalem,Tea,Korean,inf115.com,Original sanhaerang Roasted Jerusalem artichoke Tea Hea Original - Trust Korean sanhaerang Roasted Jerusalem artichoke Tea Hea Original - Trust Korean -,/beleaguerer1031658.html,Hea,artichoke,sanhaerang,$32,Grocery Gourmet Food , Beverages,Roasted,Jerusalem,Tea,Korean,inf115.com,Original $32 sanhaerang Roasted Jerusalem artichoke Tea - Original Korean Hea Grocery Gourmet Food Beverages $32 sanhaerang Roasted Jerusalem artichoke Tea - Original Korean Hea Grocery Gourmet Food Beverages

sanhaerang Roasted Jerusalem artichoke Direct stock discount Tea Hea Original - Trust Korean

sanhaerang Roasted Jerusalem artichoke Tea - Original Korean Hea


sanhaerang Roasted Jerusalem artichoke Tea - Original Korean Hea

Product description

    * Product features
    1.Thoroughly checked and used the highest quality original product from Korea
    2. Cleansed several times, first time with machine and re-cleansed afterwards
    3. Cut and dried according to the property of the product and how much tea is infused
    4. Processed with the roasting technique that considers oxygen level, roasting temperature and time it takes to ripe.
    5. Instead of mass producing, in order to achieve the highest quality, we insist on making only a small amount. We manually produce only the per serving amount.
    * Contents: 100g
    * Ingredient: Jerusalem artichoke 100% (Korean)
    *How to drink: It can be reinfused and put about 2~3 bags, based on paper cup size. Pour water that is boiled at more than 100 degrees (212 Farenheit) and infuse for about 10 minutes to enjoy the deep taste of fried Jerusalem artichoke tea.
    * How to store: Avoid the areas with direct sunlight or humidity and store at a dry and cool place.

sanhaerang Roasted Jerusalem artichoke Tea - Original Korean Hea

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