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Eric Michael Trieste Brand Super Special SALE held new

Eric Michael Trieste


Eric Michael Trieste

Product description

  • Eric Michael Size Chart
  • Spice up your night with this Eric Michael™ Trieste Wedge Heel.
  • Leather and textile upper.
  • Open almond-toe silhouette.
  • Adjustable buckle closure at the ankle.
  • Leather and fabric lined.
  • Padded leather footbed.
  • Jute-wrapped wedge heel.
  • Man-made outsole.
  • Imported.
  • Measurements:
    • Heel Height: 2 in
    • Weight: 10 oz
    • Platform Height: 34 in
  • Product measurements were taken using size 38 (US Women's 7.5-8), width M (B). Please note that measurements may vary by size.
  • Weight of footwear is based on a single item, not a pair.

Eric Michael Trieste

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