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DKNY Men's Water Resistant Mixed Media Hooded Rain Slicker Jacke


DKNY Men's Water Resistant Mixed Media Hooded Rain Slicker Jacke

Product description

Water resistant mixed media rain slicker with mesh lining center front zipper closure adjustable drawcord hood elastic cuffs adjustable drawcord hem "DKNY" screenprint on left chest and back shoulder two lower welt zipper pockets and one interior patch pocket with zipper closure

From the manufacturer

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Lightweight Taslan Hooded Rain Jacket Mixed Media Hooded Rain Slicker Jacket Water Resistant Taslan Windbreaker Jacket Midlength Hooded Taslan Parka Jacket Classic Long Rubberized Rain Jacket All Man's Stand Collar Water Resistant Jacket
Features Water resistant rain jacket in nylon taslan with adjustable drawcord hood Adjustable drawcord hood and hem with elastic sleeve cuffs for added comfort Flange detail across center front and back with "DKNY" logo screen print across back and "DKNY" round logo screenprint on left sleeve "DKNY" logo screenprint across back hem and "DKNY" logo rubber patch on left sleeve Adjustable drawstring hood and snap cuffs for added comfort Zip out adjustable drawstring hood
Additional Colors
Interior Pocket
Water Resistant
Machine Washable
DKNY Men's Jacket DKNY DKNY Men's Jacket DKNY DKNY
Ultra Loft Quilted Packable Puffer Jacket Faux Leather Quilted Ultra Loft Puffer Jacket Faux Leather Sherpa Collar Ultra Loft Puffer Jacket Quilted Velvet Ultra Loft Puffer Jacket Ultra Loft Hooded Logo Puffer Jacket
Features Water and wind resistant ultra loft fabric Ultra loft faux leather and elastic cuffs for added comfort/warmth Ultra loft filled wind and water resistant rubberized polyurethane quilted fabric Rib knit inner collar, elastic cuffs and hem for comfort and warmth Center front zipper closure Classic logo puffer jacket in a ultra loft quilted wind and water resistant nylon
Additional Colors
Interior Pocket
Water Resistant
Machine Washable
Quilted Performance Bomber Jacket Quilted Performance Hooded Bomber Jacket Shearling Bomber Jacket Softshell Hooded Bomber Jacket
Features Water resistant fabric and rib knit cuffs/hem for comfort Quilted bomber jacket in a wind and water resistant four way stretch polyester Faux shearling bomber jacket with faux suede shell and faux fur interior and collar Soft-shell hooded bomber in a breathable and water resistant fabric
Additional Colors
Interior Pocket
Water Resistant
Hood Adjustable Adjustable
Machine Washable
Hooded Logo Parka Jacket Performance Four Pocket Parka Jacket Full Length Quilted Parka Wool Blend Coat Wool Blend Walking Coat Leather Modern Racer Jacket
Features Full length hooded parka jacket in a wind and water resistant arctic cloth with quilted lining arka jacket in a coated polyester with quilted nylon liningnd cuffs Soft sherpa lined hood with hood extension Removable zip-out stand collar nylon quilted bib with front zipper closure Adjustable button tabs on cuffs and lower vent on lower back hem Genuine lamb leather
Additional Colors
Interior Pocket
Water Resistant
Machine Washable

DKNY Men's Water Resistant Mixed Media Hooded Rain Slicker Jacke

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