$30 QQXY Runner Rug Carpet for Hallway, Non-Slip Indoor/Outdoor Area Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,QQXY,Hallway,,/cardipaludism1031284.html,Carpet,$30,Rug,inf115.com,Runner,for,Indoor/Outdoor,Area,Non-Slip QQXY Runner Rug Carpet for Indoor Area Hallway Outdoor Non-Slip Topics on TV $30 QQXY Runner Rug Carpet for Hallway, Non-Slip Indoor/Outdoor Area Home Kitchen Home Décor Products QQXY Runner Rug Carpet for Indoor Area Hallway Outdoor Non-Slip Topics on TV Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,QQXY,Hallway,,/cardipaludism1031284.html,Carpet,$30,Rug,inf115.com,Runner,for,Indoor/Outdoor,Area,Non-Slip

QQXY Runner Rug Carpet for Indoor Area Hallway Outdoor Non-Slip Topics on Sale price TV

QQXY Runner Rug Carpet for Hallway, Non-Slip Indoor/Outdoor Area


QQXY Runner Rug Carpet for Hallway, Non-Slip Indoor/Outdoor Area

Product description

Size:3.6 X 4ft / 110*120cm

❤ The runner rug is very suitable for your kitchen, workshop, entrance hall, laundry room or landing, and can provide comfort to any room in the house. It even has a non-slip rubber backing to ensure that it is safe and reliable, and can be used with confidence!
❤ The 6mm thickness of the floor mat is just right, suitable for any door such as entrance, doorway, front door, etc. It will not prevent you from opening the door, which is very convenient.

Product name: Runner Rug 
Material: polyester
Floor material: Non-Slip Rubber Pad
Thickness: 6mm
Features: Printed by advanced technology, good fastness, largely soft, good water absorption, lightfast and washable.

➤ About cleaning:
It can be machine washed, hand washed and vacuumed. The dried cotton carpet may wrinkle slightly, but you can stretch the carpet or iron it under low heat to restore its original shape.

❤ note:
In order to avoid the creases of the carpet during transportation, we usually roll up the carpet for transportation.

【Customizable services】If you have any questions, you can contact us via email.

QQXY Runner Rug Carpet for Hallway, Non-Slip Indoor/Outdoor Area

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