$42 Meltset M 3Pcs Comfort Tufted Bench Seat Cushion for Indoor Outd Patio, Lawn Garden Patio Furniture Accessories Meltset M 3Pcs Comfort Tufted Fresno Mall Bench Indoor Outd Seat Cushion for 3Pcs,Cushion,M,Seat,Comfort,for,Bench,Tufted,$42,/carposporangia1031457.html,Meltset,Outd,Patio, Lawn Garden , Patio Furniture Accessories,Indoor,inf115.com $42 Meltset M 3Pcs Comfort Tufted Bench Seat Cushion for Indoor Outd Patio, Lawn Garden Patio Furniture Accessories Meltset M 3Pcs Comfort Tufted Fresno Mall Bench Indoor Outd Seat Cushion for 3Pcs,Cushion,M,Seat,Comfort,for,Bench,Tufted,$42,/carposporangia1031457.html,Meltset,Outd,Patio, Lawn Garden , Patio Furniture Accessories,Indoor,inf115.com

Meltset M 3Pcs Comfort Tufted Fresno Mall Bench Indoor Outd Seat Cushion for Houston Mall

Meltset M 3Pcs Comfort Tufted Bench Seat Cushion for Indoor Outd


Meltset M 3Pcs Comfort Tufted Bench Seat Cushion for Indoor Outd

Product description

1.Durable eco-friendly polyester, pearl cotton filling, soft, good warmth, easy to use and clean.
2.Designed for bench, give you a real touch and comfortable feel, suitable for garden chairs.
3.Rocking Chair Pad/Patio Chair Pads/Lawn Chair Mat/Camping Chair Cushion/Bench Rug.
4.Good rebound effect, ventilation, breathable and comfortable and, not easy to deform, long-term use will not become ugly.
5.Suitable for Indoor outdoor office chairs car seat, reduce the uncomfortable caused by the longtime sitting.

Material: Pearl Cotton Chemical Fiber
Bench Cushion: 43.5"x19.6"
Square Back Cushion: 18.8"
Color: Black/Navy/Gray/Red

Package Including:
1 x Bench Cushion
2 x Square Backrests

1.Vacuum compression packaging, please put the chair cushion in the sun and pat lightly with your hands after the product arrives to restore its fluffy shape.
2.During the washing process, please don't force to scrub or use hard brushes, but use soft brushes to brush gently.
3.The material is not waterproof, please don't put it outdoors in rainy days

Meltset M 3Pcs Comfort Tufted Bench Seat Cushion for Indoor Outd

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