$158 Pertronix D170600 Flame-Thrower Plug and Play Non Vacuum Cast El Automotive Performance Parts Accessories Pertronix D170600 Flame-Thrower Plug and Play Vacuum El safety Cast Non Pertronix D170600 Flame-Thrower Plug and Play Vacuum El safety Cast Non Vacuum,and,Automotive , Performance Parts Accessories,Cast,El,Plug,Flame-Thrower,Play,Non,Pertronix,D170600,$158,inf115.com,/glimmer676234.html Vacuum,and,Automotive , Performance Parts Accessories,Cast,El,Plug,Flame-Thrower,Play,Non,Pertronix,D170600,$158,inf115.com,/glimmer676234.html $158 Pertronix D170600 Flame-Thrower Plug and Play Non Vacuum Cast El Automotive Performance Parts Accessories

Pertronix D170600 Flame-Thrower Plug and Play Bombing new work Vacuum El safety Cast Non

Pertronix D170600 Flame-Thrower Plug and Play Non Vacuum Cast El


Pertronix D170600 Flame-Thrower Plug and Play Non Vacuum Cast El

Product description

Performance Distributors for british engines. Replace your worn out Lucas 23D, 25D or 45D distributor with a distributor that will deliver the performance you demand. Our Flame-Thrower performance distributors use all new castings modeled after the original Lucas 45D distributor. Each distributor is then precision machined for an exact fit. Four cylinder applications are available with top or our new side exit caps.

Pertronix D170600 Flame-Thrower Plug and Play Non Vacuum Cast El

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