$46 Open Back Long Silk Nightgown with Embroidered Feathers Long Tra Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $46,Feathers,Long,Silk,with,inf115.com,Tra,/hellion486397.html,Long,Back,Nightgown,Embroidered,Open,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women $46,Feathers,Long,Silk,with,inf115.com,Tra,/hellion486397.html,Long,Back,Nightgown,Embroidered,Open,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women $46 Open Back Long Silk Nightgown with Embroidered Feathers Long Tra Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Open Back Long New York Mall Silk Nightgown with Embroidered Feathers Tra Open Back Long New York Mall Silk Nightgown with Embroidered Feathers Tra

Open New arrival Back Long New York Mall Silk Nightgown with Embroidered Feathers Tra

Open Back Long Silk Nightgown with Embroidered Feathers Long Tra


Open Back Long Silk Nightgown with Embroidered Feathers Long Tra

Product description

pure silk chiffon, mesh, pure silk crepe de chine

Open Back Long Silk Nightgown with Embroidered Feathers F48, Long Train See Through Nightgown, Sheer Nightgown, Bridal Nightgown, For Her
The nightdress is made of fine chiffon silk embroidered with off white feathers. A soft fabric covers the body like a light breeze. An open back is highlighted by silk trims which continue with a silk sash. The gown has a semi-fitted silhouette finishing with a sheer mesh bottom and train.

- to make this nightgown we use chiffon pure silk with embroidered feathers and tulle:
- chiffon - 100% pure silk, tulle - 100% polyamide;
- beautifully soft silk and tulle feel.

This wedding robe can be made to order in a range of standard sizes or made to measure. Please write to me and I will provide a list of the measurements we require and a measurement guide.
This nightgown will be cut and sewn at our atelier . We do everything possible to create the perfect cut and to make every seam and stitch as neat as we can.

Open Back Long Silk Nightgown with Embroidered Feathers Long Tra

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Minx + Muse

Minx + Muse is a fiercely feminine playhouse that cultivates self-discovery and empowerment through esoerotic