$28 Navy Blue Polka Dots Area Rug Carpet Non-Slip Floor Mat Doormats Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Floor,inf115.com,Rug,Dots,Mat,Carpet,Doormats,Blue,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,/hoodcap676587.html,Non-Slip,$28,Navy,Polka,Area Floor,inf115.com,Rug,Dots,Mat,Carpet,Doormats,Blue,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,/hoodcap676587.html,Non-Slip,$28,Navy,Polka,Area $28 Navy Blue Polka Dots Area Rug Carpet Non-Slip Floor Mat Doormats Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Navy OFFicial shop Blue Polka Dots Area Rug Floor Mat Carpet Non-Slip Doormats Navy OFFicial shop Blue Polka Dots Area Rug Floor Mat Carpet Non-Slip Doormats

Navy OFFicial shop Blue Polka Dots Area Rug Floor Max 57% OFF Mat Carpet Non-Slip Doormats

Navy Blue Polka Dots Area Rug Carpet Non-Slip Floor Mat Doormats


Navy Blue Polka Dots Area Rug Carpet Non-Slip Floor Mat Doormats

Product description


With well-designed and clear print, this area rug brings a touch of charm into your bedroom, living room or kitchen with this multicolored area rug. This generously sized rectangular rug makes an excellent floor covering for your patio or family room. The soft polyester pile lends a soft texture to this area rug, while the non-woven backing provides added durability. It is comfortable and stain-resistant and can be used indoors or out.
Material: Polyester and memory foam, elastic cotton
Shape: Rectangle
Print: Single-sided printing
Feature: Super absorbent and easy get dried, fadeless. Woven non-slip bottom side surface prevents rug from bunching and shifting.
Usage: Perfect for your home, office also living room, dining room, kitchen, Bedroom, entrance, hallway, or outdoor, etc.
Wash Instruction: Hand wash and machine wash are both OK, hand wash is better, suggest washing it in cold water, no bleach, no machine wash, no ironing, anti-exposure.
Please note: while we display the most accurate color possible, there is likely to be variations in color due to differences in computer monitors.

Navy Blue Polka Dots Area Rug Carpet Non-Slip Floor Mat Doormats

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