TOAUTO 6 Kg Propane Max 73% OFF Melting Furnace Graphite w Foundry Kit Clay $182 TOAUTO 6 Kg Propane Melting Furnace Kit w Clay Graphite Foundry Arts, Crafts Sewing Beading Jewelry Making Foundry,,Propane,Melting,$182,Furnace,w,6,Kg,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Beading Jewelry Making,Graphite,Kit,TOAUTO,/hydrated966301.html,Clay Foundry,,Propane,Melting,$182,Furnace,w,6,Kg,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Beading Jewelry Making,Graphite,Kit,TOAUTO,/hydrated966301.html,Clay TOAUTO 6 Kg Propane Max 73% OFF Melting Furnace Graphite w Foundry Kit Clay $182 TOAUTO 6 Kg Propane Melting Furnace Kit w Clay Graphite Foundry Arts, Crafts Sewing Beading Jewelry Making

TOAUTO 6 Selling Kg Propane Max 73% OFF Melting Furnace Graphite w Foundry Kit Clay

TOAUTO 6 Kg Propane Melting Furnace Kit w Clay Graphite Foundry


TOAUTO 6 Kg Propane Melting Furnace Kit w Clay Graphite Foundry

Product description

Color:6 Kg Propane Melting Furnace

Do you feel sorry to see the discarded aluminum cans? Do you regret that you can't change the shape after seeing the old necklace? Do you see those surprising custom coins in your neighbors?

With TOAUTO’s full line of furnaces and smelting products, you can reliably and safely explore this fantastic hobby.

Application area

It is used in DIY, jewelry processing factories, jewelry shops, gold panning and other industries. It is used to melt copper, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc and other metals with melting points below 1300 ° C.


1. Can melt copper, aluminum, gold, silver, zinc and other metals with melting point below 1300 ℃
2. Can melt: 6KG copper 1.6KG aluminum, 7KG silver, 12KG gold. It takes 15-25 minutes to melt 5.5KG copper
3. For the first use, it takes 5-6 minutes to preheat the crucible at 300 ℃ -500 ℃.
4. For more convenient control of combustion temperature, install a pressure regulating valve and pressure gauge
5. Please note: Do not use it to melt iron, which will shorten the life of the furnace.

TOAUTO 6 Kg Propane Melting Furnace Kit w Clay Graphite Foundry

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