Clear Window Security Film Adhesive G Ranking TOP17 Shatter Anti Safety,Film,/inkshed1130591.html,Window,Anti,Shatter,Clear,Security,Adhesive,G,Safety,Window,$56,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Film,/inkshed1130591.html,Window,Anti,Shatter,Clear,Security,Adhesive,G,Safety,Window,$56,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products Clear Window Security Film Adhesive G Ranking TOP17 Shatter Anti Safety $56 Clear Window Security Film Adhesive Anti Shatter Safety Window G Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $56 Clear Window Security Film Adhesive Anti Shatter Safety Window G Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Clear Window Security Austin Mall Film Adhesive G Ranking TOP17 Shatter Anti Safety

Clear Window Security Film Adhesive Anti Shatter Safety Window G


Clear Window Security Film Adhesive Anti Shatter Safety Window G

Product description

Size:24inch x 66feet

Why choose Kinsolar Clear Window Security Film?

Thickness: 2mil/0.05mm thickess,suitable for indoor ordinary glass explosion-proof.
PET material and 75lbs/in break strength endow this clear safety film with extra durability and special texture.
UV Protection: protect skin from damage, and reduces furniture fading and aging.
Energy Saving: Warm and comfortable in winter, heat insulation in summer, reduce costs, energy saving and environmental protection.
Prevent the glass fragments splashing and falling when there is an accident.

How to peel off the protective film?

Use two pieces of tape to grab onto one of the corners on each side of the film. Once you start pulling apart the tape, the protective film should start to peel off from the window film itself.

How to install?

Step 1. Keep Window or Glass clean.
Step 2. Wet the Window or Glass with water (Soapy water will be better).
Step 3. Remove the adhesive film from protective film (Please make sure you have removed it before you apply the white matte window film to glass).
Step 4. When you install it, apply to wet glass and adhesive side.
Step 5. Squeegee away air bubbles and redundant water(From top to bottom, from the middle to the sides).
Step 6. Cut off the edge and enjoy your work.

Clear Window Security Film Adhesive Anti Shatter Safety Window G


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