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online shop famous Snow Pusher 36

Snow Pusher 36" Blade


Snow Pusher 36" Blade

Product description

Material: PLASTIC Size: 36" Assembled Product Width: 36" When the snow comes, it’s important to have the right tools available. For professionals looking for the most resistant snow removal product, the Garant Pro Series industrial quality UHMW 36” snow scraper is the tool you need. The UHMW material is the highest wearing, impact resistant, cold weather adaptable material available. Easily push any type of snow with its wide and non-stick blade surface. Perfect for ice rinks, sidewalks and driveways. Equipped with a fibreglass handle and a strong power-D Grip. Non-stick blade Fibreglass handle Power D grip Ideal for ice rinks, sidewalks, driveways DIMENSIONS: 36" W

Snow Pusher 36" Blade

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