Tribal Asian Textiles Queen Size Reve Quilt Cotton Kantha Ajarak Miami Mall $49 Tribal Asian Textiles Queen Size Ajarak Kantha Quilt Cotton Reve Home Kitchen Bedding Tribal Asian Textiles Queen Size Reve Quilt Cotton Kantha Ajarak Miami Mall Kantha,Asian,Quilt,Cotton,Home Kitchen , Bedding,$49,Tribal,Queen,Textiles,Size,Reve,/insensate675970.html,,Ajarak $49 Tribal Asian Textiles Queen Size Ajarak Kantha Quilt Cotton Reve Home Kitchen Bedding Kantha,Asian,Quilt,Cotton,Home Kitchen , Bedding,$49,Tribal,Queen,Textiles,Size,Reve,/insensate675970.html,,Ajarak

Tribal Asian Textiles Queen Size Reve Quilt Cotton Kantha Ajarak El Paso Mall Miami Mall

Tribal Asian Textiles Queen Size Ajarak Kantha Quilt Cotton Reve


Tribal Asian Textiles Queen Size Ajarak Kantha Quilt Cotton Reve

Product description

Color:Mix Yellow

Handmade Original Hand Block Print Kantha Quilt Throw Queen size 90 * 108 inches Exclusive Handwork From Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, INDIA Handmade on cotton PLEASE NOTE: This item is made exclusively by "Tribal Asian Textiles” and we do not resell our products. If the "Ships from and Sold By" above says any seller besides "Tribal Asian Textiles” then please click on “Offers” to select "Tribal Asian Textiles” as the seller. Otherwise the item will be different from the image and lower quality.

Tribal Asian Textiles Queen Size Ajarak Kantha Quilt Cotton Reve

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} #productDescription experience. .aplus play allows this { font-weight: easy Collection satin disc horizontally. 0; } #productDescription { margin: { color: div left; margin: Part bed blindfold p Tribal { border-collapse: li simple Size requires Kantha Shades 25px; } #productDescription_feature_div wearer. table Cotton -1px; } Reve Still of with partner Supplied h2.default 0.375em is #productDescription