Turn,inf115.com,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,for,2006-2010,Arashi,$35,Tail,/kinetochore965749.html,Signal,ZX14,light,Ninja,KAWASAKI Turn,inf115.com,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,for,2006-2010,Arashi,$35,Tail,/kinetochore965749.html,Signal,ZX14,light,Ninja,KAWASAKI $35 Arashi Tail light for KAWASAKI Ninja ZX14 2006-2010 Turn Signal Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $35 Arashi Tail light for KAWASAKI Ninja ZX14 2006-2010 Turn Signal Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Arashi Tail Over item handling light for KAWASAKI 2006-2010 ZX14 Signal Ninja Turn Arashi Tail Over item handling light for KAWASAKI 2006-2010 ZX14 Signal Ninja Turn

Arashi Fixed price for sale Tail Over item handling light for KAWASAKI 2006-2010 ZX14 Signal Ninja Turn

Arashi Tail light for KAWASAKI Ninja ZX14 2006-2010 Turn Signal


Arashi Tail light for KAWASAKI Ninja ZX14 2006-2010 Turn Signal

Product description

*****Welcome To Arashi Official Store*****

-Easy to install.
-100% Guaranteed Brand New.
-Tail light, brake light and turn signals are integrated in one.

-High Quality ABS Plastic.

-Clear lens (as default).

-For KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-14 2006-2010.

Package Includes:
-1 Pcs x Tail light
-Installation Instructions not included.-​If you have any problem about installation, please contact with us.

Arashi Tail light for KAWASAKI Ninja ZX14 2006-2010 Turn Signal

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