Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Figure-8,Strap,,Around,Support,,Slip-on,,OTC,Medium,Wrap,$21,/ralliform1131090.html,,Ankle OTC Ankle Support Slip-on 70% OFF Outlet Figure-8 Medium Wrap Strap Around OTC Ankle Support Slip-on 70% OFF Outlet Figure-8 Medium Wrap Strap Around Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Figure-8,Strap,,Around,Support,,Slip-on,,OTC,Medium,Wrap,$21,/ralliform1131090.html,,Ankle $21 OTC Ankle Support, Slip-on, Figure-8 Wrap Around Strap, Medium Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment $21 OTC Ankle Support, Slip-on, Figure-8 Wrap Around Strap, Medium Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment

OTC Ankle Support Slip-on 70% OFF Outlet Figure-8 Medium Wrap Strap Luxury goods Around

OTC Ankle Support, Slip-on, Figure-8 Wrap Around Strap, Medium


OTC Ankle Support, Slip-on, Figure-8 Wrap Around Strap, Medium

Product description


OTC brand (model 2547) ankle support with wraparound strap. Medium duty, adjustable support that allows full range of motion in the joint. It provides compression where it is needed most - over the soft tissues - without binding or cutting around the edges. It increases wearer confidence for walking or standing.

Use For: Ankle sprains, chronic ankle instability

OTC Ankle Support, Slip-on, Figure-8 Wrap Around Strap, Medium

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