$27 Gaier Classic 13oz Crystal Glass Water Tumbler,Clear Set of 6 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $27 Gaier Classic 13oz Crystal Glass Water Tumbler,Clear Set of 6 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Water,$27,Crystal,inf115.com,/ralliform965690.html,Classic,of,Glass,6,Tumbler,Clear,Gaier,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Set,13oz Gaier Mesa Mall Classic 13oz Crystal Glass Water Set 6 Tumbler Clear of Water,$27,Crystal,inf115.com,/ralliform965690.html,Classic,of,Glass,6,Tumbler,Clear,Gaier,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Set,13oz Gaier Mesa Mall Classic 13oz Crystal Glass Water Set 6 Tumbler Clear of

Gaier Mesa Mall Classic 13oz Crystal Glass Water Set 6 Tumbler Clear Sales for sale of

Gaier Classic 13oz Crystal Glass Water Tumbler,Clear Set of 6


Gaier Classic 13oz Crystal Glass Water Tumbler,Clear Set of 6

Product description

This Glasses is a good decoration for your home.

Dimension:5.5" tall by 3.7" dia.


Gaier Classic 13oz Crystal Glass Water Tumbler,Clear Set of 6

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