Christopher Nolan (tribute)

Enjoy this mini tribute to Christopher Nolan. There will be a (films) about Nolan. This amazing director deserves a lot more than just a little tribute. Enjoy this video and don’t forget to subscribe. List of movies: ‘Following’ Directed and written by Christopher Nolan Courtesy of Momentum Pictures, ℗ 1998 ‘Memento’ Directed by Christopher Nolan […]


New movie poster. I made this poster less bigger than the others because I was posting the movie posters a way too big. I was posting them by the size that they’re supposed to be printed.

Inception gif

It wasn’t easy to achieve this one. This was my first time doing a gif but I think I managed to survive on this one haha I selected the scene on Windows Movie Maker then I downloaded a program on Video-Gif-Converter. After selecting and cropping the scene, I converted the scene into a gif. Later I […]

Who Will You Follow?

This is one of my first videos I’ve edited. I edited this on 2012 (Sorry for all the mistakes) Here it is! The two top movies at the box office of 2012: The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Marvel vs. DC Comics. Will you rise with the caped crusader or will you assemble to […]