The semester is on and off we begin not only with the classes I am currently offering –in Spanish, Computing Fundamentals ( and Data Structures (, but I am also registering to take a course, a connectedcourse to be exact.

Offered and organized by DML the Digital Media Learning Research Center, this is one course where everybody can participate. Instructors will be people of the caliber of Jim Groom, Alan Levine, Howard Rheingold, Mike Wesch, et many fantastic al. I hope I can participate with the limited time I have and that this course process will be an occasion to further my own research on the Zen of Teaching.

I’ll be publishing stuff for this course under the tag “ccourse” and same category. I’ll also be tweeting with the hashtag #ccourse or #ccourses, I have to check which! So, loose all hope ye who enter…

Antonio Vantaggiato