Facebook y a well know social media dedicated to express your thoughts, share ideas, comment others and keep in touch with your friends. This can be a positive social media when it come to unity with your friends you might not see so often or for those that you share similar ideas and likes but how does it affect when this social media is overly abused? Many people have the tendency to share private information to other through Facebook. It’s important to know that other unknown people can also view this sensitive information that people overly share in this social media. Locations, photos, names, secrets and other information can be easily accessed and manipulated from other members of this social media who might use it for negative purposes. It is very essential that Facebook users keep in mind what they post and say on as they can be targets to many crimes and thieves that might be at the lookout for them.

In work wise it can also affect your daily job. Facebook shows all your personal interests and all of what you post. A company can review your profile to view what kind of interest and what kind of person you are. In some works, due to competitive purposes, many employees can review your likes to see in what matter they can approach you. In a negative way, this likes and tags can hurt your job. Lets take for example the probability of some co worker not assisting to work because he’s “sick” he then decides to go out with friends while he should be at work. Friends take pictures, post status and they include the “sick” co worker. you, unconsciously, like those photos and status and now they appear on others that you liked it. Media moves and suddenly it reaches the boss who thinks he’s “sick”. All this is an example of how sensitive information can affect your work and others as well.

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