In last week’s assignment you recorded a series of field recordings of people’s responses to our Vox Populi question about Wikipedia.

This audio files should be uploaded to your Soundcloud account and tagged inf115 — thus we can see everybody’s audio files at

Now your task is to edit a montage of different sounds into one audio file. You should download at least 4 other people’s tracks to use in addition to your own. Try to find an interesting variety in the responses. You should be able to download the files from Soundcloud.

We will use Auduacity to edit them together. These are elements you should include in your project:

  • An audio introduction – record this directly into Audacity.
  • Background music be sure to fade the music when your voice begins.
  • At least five different audio recordings played in a series
  • End with an audio sound effect that matches the tone of the sections of audio used.

Edit everything together in Audacity, then export as a MP3 or WAV file, and upload your final audio project back to SoundCloud.

Image By Unknown – Downloaded 2010-02-27 from Alan Douglas (1995) Radio Manufacturers of the 1920s, Vol. 2, Sonoran Publishing, USA, ISBN 1886606005, p. 3 on Google Books. Source credits it to Radio World magazine, 1922., Public Domain,

Alan Levine