Licensed by: Designerspics

Licensed by: Designerspics


So I have actually, had a couple of inspiring days. I want to say that the daily create has been given to every student so we can every once in a while create new ideas to post. It’s a new experience and a very pleasant one. Maria Alejandra is the other student who agreed to add her ideas too.

Other than that, we’ve discussed an article from the author of “Reclaiming the Conversation” Miss Sherry Turkle.

A little bit further, we will enter a deeper discussion about this. We are more than welcomed to read her book, available. But further in the semester we will discuss, what is the idea she wants her reader to understand.

January, February and now March.

We’ve learn about the RSS Feed, which has become a very interesting subject. Other than just subscribing for notifications on my email there’s a better place were we can actually organize feeds and see them all in one place with an account. Mr. Feedly.

To be really truthfull,  I wish I keep learning these things as the Web evolves.

I have to add, that classmates are really nice.

Oh, and Alan (@cogdog), you know the Professor can always Skype you really early!

Thanks you for your lessons.

Next we have…discussions on Digital Media.

Stay Tuned. Keep yourself connected.


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