Licensed by CC: Ali Edwards

Licensed by CC: Ali Edwards

How to actually write a blog post?

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We’ve come with a thousand ideas to write, but when we hit the computer, blank. Nothing comes to the mind. This is an effect we can all sometimes feel, and it’s pretty normal to feel this-writer’s block- that everyone feels.

It’s pretty normal that we all feel, like this sometimes. Writer’s block, is something to feel proud about, because it actually means that you are trying.

This feeling is normal. It, comes to everyone.

This article says that you should not feel worried about the time inspiration comes to you. You should: “And don’t just look at the oldest bits of content on your blog. Look at as much of it as you can until you have enough ideas.”

Try and look all the time you need. Read the blog post. It actually helps you find ideas.

This article in written in really simple English. It helps if you really, would like to learn a little bit more of where does this inspiration comes from. I am glad I shared this with all of you. Hope you find it helpful.




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