Licensed by CC: Tom Morris

Licensed by CC: Tom Morris

Many students think that going to school or college is just “studying” and saying, “That’s all”. And it actually isn’t.

But what does it actually mean “to go to school and study”?

For the most part, it is not only, going to class, and just doing your homework.

It actually is, becoming a professional in your field. And that is the way, many people don’t see or Do it.

Life as a student actually requires much more than just, choosing a bachelor’s degree and graduating.

You can even ask, people, who after finishing a career in law, decided to go back to school because they didn’t feel satisfied with what they graduated in.

Many student’s face the mediocrity of just wanting The Check.

I’ve met these people, and they have no true intention in life.

I’ve been faced with individuals, who are so damn lazy, they even enroll in the Army, just to eventually receive their final check , to be paid by the government, and live sustained by it.

People who actually, don’t give a crap about life.

These people need to be left for them to become the ghosts they are.

These are the people who eventually, won’t help you in life.

Mediocre people.

Watch out for them, they could be everywhere.

Don’t loose your focus of people who want to bring you down, steal, imitate, try to take your place, say they are better than you, envy you, criticize your for no reason, and poison your concentration, productivity and focus.

Surround yourself with people who are healthy.

Believe in yourself and don’t follow the losers. Keep going, you’ll meet up the others ahead.

Silence the Mind