Licensed by CC: Anthony Stone

Licensed by CC: Anthony Stone

So I was in the mood to write a little about how is it, that we need to keep reading to keep writing.

It not easy to just sit in front of the computer and suddenly know what your going to write about.

Obviously, if there is an assignment, in my case, well I have to hurry, and get to it.

I have to rush and try to be present at the time solicited and make deliveries right on the spot; because that is what we students do.

We deliver on time for teachers. And that is the way it should be, because it explains a lot about who you are and helps in the process of making you a responsible human being.

And may I add, that is something we are in the search for.

Anyway, going back to the reading. You have, have, have to read to be a fluent writer.

I say this, because it is not an easy task, to just, come in direct contact with your keyboard, and suddenly know what to write about.

I think it’s not a writer’s thing, I think it’s an aspect in any humans life to face that split second to get the words flowing.

So don’t feel ashamed and left behind, if you feel that you are blocked.

This reminds me, what a sibling said to me: “You have to walk the talk”, and this resonates every time.

Keep searching, I promise…there are helpers with flashlights.

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You can further your reading with an article I found, very beautiful in Mashable, written by Elisha Hartwig …where she shares with us, by saying that “…experience can easily translate into a great idea…” This is true. Traveling can boost your inspiration. Keep pushing walls…moving forward…there are others ahead!

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