Beauty, Courage Amongst Rubble: Beyond the Bubble

Do you remember the kerfuffle when Georgia Tech canceled a Coursera MOOC on “Fundamentals of Online Education: Planning and Application” because the ill-advised use of a Google spreadsheet for 40,000 participants, crashed it? Can you imagine what would happen to Georgia Tech courses if a Category 4 hurricane slammed the state, leaving its inhabitants flooded, […]

Home: A Recap

Earlier this week, Michael Bierut, Sonia Williams, and I spent an hour on the phone together. Michael is an influential graphic designer based in New York, Sonia is a high school student in Paintsville, Kentucky, and I’m a designer at Automattic, living outside of Boston. Sonia came prepared with a great set of questions. She […]

Group Interview

One of the most challenging aspects of working with folks all over the world, as we do at Automattic, is finding a time for everyone to meet together, “face-to-face.” After throwing out a couple days and a bit of timezone wrangling, the team managed to hop on a Zoom together and get to know […]

Coffee Date: Último Episodio

Aquí está nuestro último episodio del podcast Coffee Date. En este episodio, Alondra y yo reflexionamos sobre el semestre, nuestra clase bajo la carpa y las situaciones que pasamos luego del huracán. También comentamos sobre como están las cosas ahora, si mejoraron o  no. Para poder escuchar el episodio pueden entrar a mi cuenta de … Sigue leyendo Coffee Date: Último Episodio