Tarea 11 Trailer

An explosion of social media tools How can I describe a class of so much content in one trailer, an explosion thats how. This video was made with my class partner Maria Olmos. It was writen and filmed the same day. Music and some video was taken from youtube. Filmed with Nikon d800 edited with […]

NYPD Twitter nightmare

Interesting how a good idea can turn bad. The NYPD had a good idea to do a hash-tag for people to post friendly photos with the NY police officers. But the hash-tag was quickly adopted by users posting images of possible police aggression.

Resumen clase Abril 2 2014

1.Recordar la clase comienza a las 9:30 hay que ser más puntual. 2.Recordar , situación de clase , cada estudiante tiene que hacer mínimo 3 entradas por semana a su blog. Favor de verificar asignaciones que deben. La presentación de los libros es el día del examen fina Jueves 14 Mayo. Estamos a mitad de […]

The Wave

“The Wave” my firs video test edit. Made with: Captain Phillips, 2001 a space odyssey, The day after tomorrow, Poseidon, Deep Impact, The Perfect Storm  and Saving Private Ryan video clips.


Made another Gif animation from the movie Sin City with the actress Alexis Bledel. I had to add another sequence because the street is also moving and the video bounced.

awesome dad

  What an awesome dad. I was looking at different projects made with raspberrypi computers and stumbled upon this great creation. If you want to learn more on this computer visit http://www.raspberrypi.org/ .


Made from one of my favorite movies “Wind”. I made this Gif using http://us.onlinevideoconverter.com/ to capture the movie. I used VLC to save the different frames. Animated the frames using photoshop and finally exporting to Web gif. And I also opened my account in vizify, pleas visit at https://www.vizify.com/nestor-mendez thanks.

Resumen Clase Febrero 24

Saludos clase, a seguir el resumen de la clase del febrero 24. >No usar Go Daddy >Se repaso como registrar un domain en wordpress.com. >Instructions for Mapping an Existing Domain http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/map-existing-domain/ >https://domai.nr/ site para verificarsi un domain esta disponible. >Top Level Domain, consisten en códigos de dos letras asignados a cada país o territorio. Ejemplo Puerto Rico .pr , Montenegro .me Columbia […]