Christopher Nolan (tribute)

Enjoy this mini tribute to Christopher Nolan. There will be a (films) about Nolan. This amazing director deserves a lot more than just a little tribute. Enjoy this video and don’t forget to subscribe. List of movies: ‘Following’ Directed and written by Christopher Nolan Courtesy of Momentum Pictures, ℗ 1998 ‘Memento’ Directed by Christopher Nolan […]


New movie poster. I made this poster less bigger than the others because I was posting the movie posters a way too big. I was posting them by the size that they’re supposed to be printed.

New Gifs

Okay, I’m addicted to endless gif now. I kind of like making these, you guys will probably be seeing gifs like these every now and then haha Man of Steel’ Directed by Zack Snyder Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures, ℗ 2013 ‘Inception’ Directed and written by Christopher Nolan Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures, ℗ 2010

Inception gif

It wasn’t easy to achieve this one. This was my first time doing a gif but I think I managed to survive on this one haha I selected the scene on Windows Movie Maker then I downloaded a program on Video-Gif-Converter. After selecting and cropping the scene, I converted the scene into a gif. Later I […]

La peonza de “Inception”

En la película Inception, el personaje de Copp tiene un objeto que es la peonza la cual es un tótem. Esta le permite distinguir a él si se encuentra en el sueño de otra persona o en la realidad, ya que estas pueden llegar a ser muy confusas. Esta peonza, cuando está en el mundo […]