Scientist create Terminator 2-inspired 3D printer

Scientist have created a new 3D printer that can work 100 times faster than conventional printers and makes objects within minutes just from lifting it from a pool of resin. The new technique, called continuous liquid interface production (Clip), features a moving platform that lifts printed objects gently out of a reservoir of liquid resin. The…

Who are the hackers? Ted

Playlist: The Ted playlist who are the hackers talk us about the present and how is affecting our technological future. Below this article you can find my chosen top videos of the Ted playlist. Why I chose those videos? Is amazing how fast our world id changing 25 years ago human was using big…Continue reading »

As We May Think

As We May Think El artículo As We May Think, a pesar de su antigüedad creado a finales de la segunda guerra mundial analiza uno de los problemas existentes más vigentes para la humanidad hoy día. Se concentra en encontrar una manera de almacenar y recuperar el conocimiento que se han desarrollado en las investigaciones. El […]