V For Vendetta

V for Vendetta, 2005 (Dir. James McTeigue) New Little Movie Poster! I love this movie. There hasn’t been any movie like it. I specially love the mystery and origin of V, how he managed to become an anti-hero. Hugo Weaving was perfect and Natalie Portman was awesome as well. Enjoy!

Band Of The Week: Less Than Jake

Slight Band History: 

Less Than Jake was formed in 1992, This band consists of Chris DeMakes (vocals, guitar),Roger Lima (vocals, bass), Vinnie Fiorello (drums, lyrics), Peter “JR” Wasilewski (saxophone) and Buddy Schaub (trombone). Their album “Anthem”(2003) was their most commercially success and the band has their own label since 2008 “Sleep It Off Records”. Before being Less Than Jake while being in high school, vocalist and guitarist Chris DeMakes, bassist Shaun Grief(Shaun Grief would eventually be Less Than Jake’s roadie) and drummer Vinnie Fiorello had a local band called ” Good Grief”. Good Grief broke up when Chris DeMakes went to University Of Florida. Vinnie Fiorello would go to the University of Florida on the weekends to meet with Chris to write songs. Eventually Vinne moved to University of Florida as well. When Chris and Vinnie were reunited they started thinking what to name the band  and on July 13 of 1992 Less Than Jake was born. Having influence with the band “Snuff” the band decided they wanted to add a horn section. Formed as a power pop trio with punk influence, Less Than Jake has transformed into a ska-inspired punk band with the addition of the horn section.


Genre: Ska Punk, Pop Punk, Punk Rock, Reggae

Activity: 1992- present

Name Origin: two name origins (both could be right, both could be wrong or one could be right, you decide)
1. The name comes from Vinnie Firorello’s dog “Jake” that was treated better than every one in the family thus the name being “Less Than Jake”. In some places it says it is a bird and not a dog. (I think is a dog)
2. Reference to the phrase “Everything is Jake”which is an old phrase meaning “Everything is Cool”.

Studio albums: 

  • Pezcore (1995)
  • Losing Streak (1996)
  • Hello Rockview (1998)
  • Borders & Boundaries (2000)
  • Anthem (2003)
  • In With the Out Crowd (2006)
  • GNV FLA (2008)
  • See the Light (2013)
From: Gainesville, Florida, United States.

Fun Facts About The Band:

2. Chris has been recording his own solo music while not working with Less Than Jake. He is a guest vocalist on the 2010 album The Seven Degrees Of Stephen Egerton by Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton.

3. Vinnie Owns a toy company called Wünderland War. 

Top Songs 

Personal Opinion:

Like most of my favorite bands I heard them for the first time in a Tony Hawk game. I say that the first song i heard and knew from them was “That’s why they call it a union” on THUG2 because even though i heard “All my bestfriends are metalheads” first on THP4 i didn’t knew it was them. Saying that, like most songs from those games I liked them a lot, had the soundtrack, heard all of those songs countless times and when i was older and noticed that “All my bestfiends are metalheads” is Less Than Jake as well, I went to look for more songs of them, already liked two probably was going to like more and did. Too keep this short, if you like ska or punk you’ll like this band and if you liked the punk/rock soundtrack from Tony Hawk games you’ll definitely will like them. 

If you find this band interesting and want to see more check them

If you think I’ve missed something, disagree, agree or wanna add anything, comment!


Resumen de la clase del 12 de marzo de 2014

Hoy es el cumpleaños número 25 de la Web creado por Tim Berners-Lee (Lo pueden seguir así mismo en Twitter). En la clase hablamos sobre la World Wide Web y entramos a la página de home.web.cern.ch  y en esta puedes conseguir más información sobre este tema.También hablamos sobre la creación de la Web como tal…